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Anniversary Musings

17th July 2018

It's our 21st wedding anniversary today!!... and Dave asked me earlier what i felt on Facebook - and this was my reply.

I feel …

… A little old. My parents are the ones who can be old enough to be married 21 years! Not us!  💜

... Confused . I wonder where the time has gone. It doesn't seem 21 years ago. What happened to that girl ? 🤔 💜

... Sad. As 5 of the much loved people that were at our tiny wedding ceremony are no longer here with us

 😢 💜

... Grateful. Fucking grateful to Mr Jones and St Georges Hospital for allowing me still to be here today  

💕 💜 💕 🙏 👼

... Amazed. That from all the shit we have been through we are still together


... Defiant. And a ‘fingers up’ to all that didn't think we would stay together 21 weeks  


... Proud. That we have the 4 most amazing children. That we created  

💗  💜

... A bit useless. As I know others think I haven't done anything with my life

🤔 💜

... Rebellious. As I don't really give a fuck what others think  

😘 💜

... Intuitive. As that somehow I knew 26 years ago that we had to be together - you and I are our biggest mirrors and lessons in life.  


I love you  😘 (though I'd love you even more if you'd listen to me  😂 😘 💜)

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