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Books that helped me in my Brain Tumour Diagnosis and Treatment:

The Brain’s Way of Healing By Norman Doidge www.normandoidge.com

Dying to be me By Anita Moorjani www.anitamoorjani.com

You can heal your life. By Louise Hay www.louisehay.com

Getting into the Vortex CD.  Abraham Hicks www.abraham-hicks.com

The Journey by Brandon Bays

I Heart Me by David Hamilton

My Alternative Brain Surgery must have list!


Arnica 200c - I put one tablet in a bottle of water and sipped regularly

Hypericum 200c

Phosphorus 30c - for after anaesthetic nausea/bloating

Plus Homeopathy kit for individual remedies

Arnica Cream (do not use near scar)

Ginger Tea bags

- amazing for nausea

Manuka or Raw Honey

- brilliant for a sore throat from surgery

A ‘v’ pillow

- you can fold it and rest your head between the gaps

A cuddly toy!

- so useful for propping up a part of your head, to compensate for the swollen areas.

Meditation CD’s

I played Getting into the Vortex and iChill over and over. Plus your favourite music to relax you!

Stretchy clothes

- that you can pull over your hips

- for women, stretchy t-shirt and soft crop top bra.

My must have if you know you have a brain tumour, fluid on the brain or are having brain surgery:

Frankincense Oil

Please see info links here and DISCLAIMER

Therapists who helped heal me:

Bowen Practitioner. Alison Rhys-Davies. www.bowenarrow.co.uk

Craniosacral therapist. Paul Strode. www.craniosacraltherapist.co.uk

Gaia Healing. Nicola Swan. www.nicolaswan.com

Journey Therapist. Marion Young. marionyoung.co.uk

Angel readings. Tina Wyatt. tinawyatt1@gmail.com

Reiki - Amanda White.


References from


(As numbered in book)

(1) Frustrations of an nhs brain surgeon

(2) www.psychologytoday.com/blog/

(3) thetruthaboutcancer.com- preventing brain tumors

(4) www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Frankincense - Prevention and Treatment of Serious Diseases

(5) www.independent.co.uk

Human brain hard wired for rural tranquillity

(6) www.sciencedirect.com -What does the cerebellum really do?

Articles Listed in IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD

Mike Dooley TUT – Notes from the universe

Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst

www.rebellesociety.com.‘The Thing’ - full copy

German New Medicine

Products that I used …

Serrapeptase - to help with post surgery recovery

Pharma Gaba -Enzymatic Therapy GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an important amino acid and neurotransmitter utilised in the brain.

Vitamin C, Ester-C -24 hour immune support & potent antioxidant activity.

Turmeric- Golden Paste - anti inflammatory

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie - Taken daily

Vitali Chi - Boost - The Healing Machine! I bought specific remedies for my healing and used most days.

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