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Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil reducing cerebral edema.

Frankincense Oil: The 'King' of Oils

You tube video on how Allison Huish beat her brain cancer.

Alternative Cancer Websites & Info

Penny Brohn UK - Cancer Centre “Care for the mind, spirit, emotions, heart and soul.”

Mistletoe Therapy UK - aims to support the availability of mistletoe therapy as part of an integrated approach to cancer care.

The Healing Journey Program - Ontario Cancer Institute

Dr Robert Morse ND - Facebook Group with a huge resource section.

The Truth About Cancer - Powerful Cancer Documentary

The Gerson Therapy - Gerson Support Group UK

The Cancer Cure Foundation - Alternative Cancer Therapy

Cancer Active - Helping you increase your personal odds of beating cancer

Sacred Kana - Daily Protocol

Homeopathy Ruta - Banerji Protocol For Malignant Brain Tumors & PubMed article

Free guidance from a 14 year Glioblastoma Survivor - Greg’s Mission

Jason Christoff - “What would I do if I had cancer”

Arielle Essex - Healed her own brain tumour

Turmeric Helps Your Brain Heal Itself: Spice Up Your Brain Power With Curry

Baking Soda  - Oncologists Won’t Tell You That Baking Soda Treats Cancer Just Because It’ll Cut Down The Profits Of Big Pharma!

Tips for Shifting to a Fruit Diet for healing (The most healing diet there is) - Steven Budden

The Fruit Diet and the Treatment of Cancer - Anti Cancer Superfruits

Medical Medium - advice & food info

Restoring Brain Health

Cancer & Epstein Barr Virus

Foods, Causes and Supplements for many conditions

Can a Keto diet treat brain cancer?

Pablos journey through a brain tumour - Facebook page

Chris Beat Cancer - A Chemo-Free Survivors Health Blog

A Doctor's Quest To Heal His Own Cancer With Food

Why Avoid Aspartame: 11 Dangers of This All-Too-Common Food Additive

Mobile phone cancer warning as malignant brain tumours double

Cannabis oil Information

Do research this fully as most cancers need a combination of THC and CBD to kill cancer cells, but some hormone driven cancers can be made worse with high THC oil

Cannabis Oil Use: Growing Phenom Appears Safe, Helpful in Brain Cancer

New Research Confirms Cannabis Kills Brain Cancer, NOT Your Brain

Rick Simpson  provides the public with instructions on how to manufacture and use Hemp Oil medications

Cancer Institute Finally Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer       Full Report from NCI Here

Facebook Groups

Cannabis Oil Success Stories

Glioblastoma Brain Tumor GBM4 and Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Planets

CBD Users UK - United!

Places that sell cannabis oil

CBD Brothers

See Bee Dee

Sacred Kana

Dutch Headshop


“The few survivors of terminal cancer have some things in common …

 a willingness to change ... to embrace opportunities …

 and they reconnected with a love of life ... or a reason to live.” 

- Ian Clive Dixon, 2018 .

 In 2003 Ian was told he had terminal cancer with 90 days of quality life remaining ... and no hope of survival.