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It’s All In My Head

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A little poem to so many…

28th March 2018

It hurts to watch you drinking

Addicted to the lie

That happiness is within a bottle

And you need it to survive

As only when you watch others

And truly understand

That they are just covering their insecurity

And it’s part of the grand plan

To shut us up, to weaken us

To stop us to believe

That we are capable of so much more

When our minds are truly free

So they dumb us down with alcohol

Make it a way ‘to chill’

But in reality it’s like our masters

Might as well give us a little pill

But pills we wouldn’t accept

Being forced to take a drug

So they convince us we have the choice

And treat us like a mug

‘Alcohol is normal’

‘De-stress from the trials of your day’

Just drown away the problem

…But it won’t go away

Sober up and wake up

Realise your life is a lie

You can only address the issues

When you feel ‘all’ of what’s inside

A drugged population won’t care

If they are being herded in a pen

As after all they are having fun

And everything’s fine then!

Then one day you wake up

Realise your control’s been taken away

Along with your inner guidance

In those drunken hazy days

Feel the pain, feel the hurt

The openness inside

Of being fully present

Your soul wants to cry

Yet in the pain you find the joy

A knowing peace inside

That extra understanding

When you fully feel alive

So please ditch the alcohol

Stop drugging what you do

I want us both to be fully here

Alive and healthy with you

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